The lily and the bird


This series was specifically made for the Etty Hillesum Centre in Deventer, in a former synagogue. It was inspired by the writings of the famous philosopher Søren Kierkegaard “The Lily of the Field, The Bird of the Air: Three Devotional Discourses” (1849). The Lily and the bird obey in their simplicity even though their existence is transitory. But they also rejoice. The incontrovertible obedience that the lilies and birds manifest is simplicity itself.
“She owns a beauty overmore: to be so beautiful despite its certain doom at the same time. And really, to have the courage and confidence to open up in all your beauty while facing destruction:only unconditional obedience is able to do so.”
This attitude has a strong parallel to the life of the jewish Etty Hillesum, who was born in Deventer and died in a concentration camp.

Exhibited at Etty Hillesum Centre, Deventer (2012)


  • acryl
  • pencil
  • charcoal
  • canvas